About Leader


About Leader

Mr. Kamal Haasan, the Founder President of Makkal Needhi Maiam, fondly referred to as Nammavar has dominated the Indian filmdom as an unparalleled epitome of cinema!

Never restricting himself to the celluloid sheen, Mr. Kamal Haasan exuded a keen concern for the various layers that pervaded the social structure.

A brilliant creator of art forms that permeates the realm of epic literature, Mr. Kamal Haasan scripted emotions and perceptions that were generations ahead of his times, yet continues to be relevant and shall ever remain relevant.

His exceptional contemporary references always had a tinge of futuristic revelations, which made him shine apart among the many congregations of stars and super stars that adorned the film world. A true leader of the people and for the People, emulates by example and Mr. Kamal Haasan does just that!

He never reveled in the adulation of his fans; on the contrary Mr. Kamal Haasan kept his poise and serenity intact, by making his fan club, a hub for the welfare of the common people, thus becoming a pioneer in this welfare movement.

Looking back at his films, we cannot but notice the undercurrent of social responsibility. Apart from reflecting his social responsibility, he also ventured into finding viable solutions to the issues that bogged the society.

By designing these solutions, it is evident that he has been constantly emitting 'his' politics, though he adhered to cinema all through this dimension. He was consistent in identifying platforms to emote his ideologies and all alone he has been challenging the faulty government and their governance.

Even after seven decades post independence, Thamizh Nadu is in a dire need for a change and this need has not been fulfilled because of the absence of disciplined politics.

Having said that, it is never too late to take it upon ourselves to herald the much-needed change.

It is imperative that we realize our potential and with that in mind, Mr. Kamal Haasan formed his political party, Makkal Needhi Maiam, on February 21, 2018 in Madurai. The intention was to relentlessly work towards taking the people of Thamizh Nadu towards that ideal change

Our clichéd politicians demanded that the people should follow the leaders, like a herd of mindless sheep. But Mr. Kamal Hassan has come into the political arena by bringing his own theory of lateral inversion, where he believes that it is the leader who should be following the needs of the people.

The nonchalance of our politicians, who are indifferent to the needs and feelings of the people need to realize that people cannot be compromised with mediocrity.

The mask of this indifference should be torn apart and Mr. Kamal Haasan has vowed to do just that. By availing every little opportunity to speak for the people, he has effectively drafted and designed his political graph through 64 years of existence.

For those people of politics who make sure that they do not allow people to think for themselves, for those rulers who continue to use diversion tactics to manipulate their security, for those who have no concern for the people, Mr. Kamal Haasan today has surfaced like a potent threat that will mercilessly destroy all their selfish intentions.

Where he sees troubling and burning issues, there he runs to the rescue of people and echoes the displeasured voices of the people.

At the same time, his approach to the issue at hand does not stop at being just an emotionally triggered response, but acts as a power that analyses the situation, the intellect that identifies feasible resolutions, streamlining the entire disruption with his visionary thoughts, he stands with the people, as one among the people, stabilizing himself as a citizen who also doubles as a social scientist.

Where number of votes takes top priority in political strategies, Mr. Kamal Haasan does not aim to please or appease the people by placing them in a bubble of hallucination; rather, he identifies what is RIGHT for the people and goes about executing that , which is a clear indication that his politics is people’s politics.

His every word and every action emit a futuristic vision that would transform the image of Tamizh Nadu.

His uncompromising stance will be the weapon that destroys the destruction of Thamizh Nadu.

His simple, honest and straightforward vision for Tamizh Nadu will not only make him an exceptional leader, but also will act as a path to creating many worthy leaders for Tamizh Nadu.

Mr. Kamal Haasan has shown us that when ‘people’ become the focus, the entire State will be the CENTRE of attention, thus paving way to idealistic governance.