Makkal Needhi Maiam


Makkal Needhi Maiam

Makkal Needhi Maiam?

All over the world, the Right and the Left have, in their own exceptional and explicit ways, defamed the entire political structure; the Rightists, by mirroring individualistic political thoughts and the Leftists, by faulty individual actions which came crumbling down on the political system - or the lack of it.

Between these two poles, 'Politics for the People' took a back seat and declined in terms of quality, ending up totally worthless.

The word ‘Progress’ lost all its meaning, consequential to the lack of transparency, the alarming rise of the corruption graph, the inefficient disposition of our politicians and their 'norm' of under-the-table transactions to discharge their basic responsibilities. Progress stands redemption less, like an overwritten bad debt.

These barriers had to be shattered. The need for a new ideology emerged and Mr. Kamal Haasan donned the robe of change and at the moment, only Mr. Kamal Haasan is capable of bringing about a valid and progressive change in the political dynamics.

Founding Principles

The founding principles of Makkal Needhi Maiam are a visionary set of simple ideas. The core objective of the party is to guide the people towards a higher social and economic standing, making this the single focus of the organization.

MNM looks into the issues of the people neither from a leftist perspective nor from a rightist perspective.

The idea is to identify the root cause of the issues and offer feasible solutions that completely thwart all the difficulties faced by the people.

A government for the people essentially means a government by the people; a government that prides itself for the active contribution from its people. The future of Thamizh Nadu should be an ideal 'state' where the needs and rights of the people face no opposition from any dimension.

An ideal Tamizh Nadu means an ideal situation, where the needs and the rights of the entire State get fulfilled by its own sufficiency.

the desired growth

A tailor-made system of education that befits the need to acquire knowledge and skills will certainly put Thamizh Nadu on the map of development. Achieving the desired growth by research and development of essential skills.

The ideal Thamizh nadu will uphold individual rights; the ideal Thamizh Nadu.

An ideal Tamizh Nadu will be a state where the beneficial evidences will not be destroyed.

An ideal Tamizh Nadu will be a State where all the chronological evidences of civilization will be cherished and not manipulated to suit personal needs of politicians.

The ideal Thamizh Nadu will be a potent combination of rationalism and technological advancement.

Far ahead at the horizon, shines the sheer joy of living and the consistent flow of that happiness that pervades the entire being.

Social justice needs to be hailed.

Democracy should stand tall.

With all such lofty ideologies and vision in mind, Makkal Needhi Maiam was formed on February 21, 2018 in Madurai.


Centrism is not moderate but rather supports strength, tradition, open-mindedness and policy making based on evidence not ideology. Centrism is not about compromise but rather allows it when deemed reasonable.

Centrists are independent thinkers. They gauge situations based on context and reason, consideration and probability. Centrists are open-minded and exercise conviction. They are willing to fight for reason as opposed to ideology.

Centrist conviction is not limited by ideology as they believe ideology limits the capacity of reasoning. The adopt reasoning that is based on pragmatic reality and circumstance.

Centrists tend to believe that if we dealt with the facts and concentrated on working together we could fix a lot more problems than two polar, opposite parties constantly embattled in their own agendas and ideologies.

Centrism is not about doing what is popular, it is about doing what is right.


The welfare of the people is the core principle of Maiam  

Eradicate casteism; Uphold Social Justice  

Eliminate the discrepancies in the Government Machineries  

Achieve equality in imparting education and let's impart education on par with  international standards  

Devise progressive water management and protect our soil  

Hail the antiquity and embrace the innovations of technology   

Revive the lost political honour of Thamizh Nadu.