A Governor who disregards Constritution ! Assembly passes resolution condemning Governor's actions! Makkal Needhi Maiam applauds the move!

11 April 2023


We extend our appreciation to the TN government and TN Chief Minister, for passing a resolution condemning TN Governor's insensitive remarks.

Since he was sworn in as the Governor of Thamizhnadu, Mr. R. N. Ravi has been attacking the culture, civilisation and the feelings of the people of Thamizhnadu.

His controversial political and social statements in public forums, kept gaining layers as he began to cross the Constitutional line. Added to that, he showed scant regard for the Bills drafted to avert grave situations faced by the common people. Unprecedented delays in approvals and politically motivated public statements from the Governor's side, led to a bold move from the TN government, seeking stipulation of time periods for Bills , from the Centre and from the President of India. Makkal Needhi Maiam places on record, its appreciation to the Chief Minister, other Ministers and the representatives from other political parties, for the historical move! We thank all of them for the same. 

The Governor's approval for banning online rummy came only after this bold and historical move. If the Governor had acted Constitutionally and not politically , and signed the Bill earlier, loss of lives could have been avoided. This attitude makes us question whether we need to keep challenging the Governor in order to do good for our people. We hope he takes action and signs the other pending Bills too.

The need for a Governor has always been a question in Thamizhnadu. The Centre's 'strategy' of appointing Governors favourable to their party, thereby hindering smooth operation of the Government, cannot be ignored. We cannot remain mute witnesses to such strategies.

This stance comes not only from the government, but also from the people of Thamizhnadu. We hope the Centre and the President of India, understand our Democratic and Constitutional stance and ensure seamless functioning of the Government for the welfare of the people.

- A.Arunachalam M.A, B.L.,
General secretary,
Makkal Needhi Maiam. 

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